What Makes Us the Best?

1. Kit is one of the finest pianists on the west coast, with a detailed but easygoing personality, and an extremely well-dressed and attractive demeanor. 

2. Kit has never missed an event, ever. In fifteen years of doing this professionally, he has never missed an event. Scientists, historians, and psychologists all say to use history as a guide to what you can expect in the future. That can be applied here. 

3. When you hire us, you get Kit, not one of our "employees". Many music/DJ companies employ many DJ's and musicians so they can send various people around town to do several events, while taking a cut off the top of each one. I won't name names, but virtually every other major special event music company employs this tactic. Kit enjoys the hands on approach of tackling every event personally. This means he makes a little less money, but the customer is always, always happy. 

4. Kit has over fifty 5-star reviews throughout Google. You can't fool the internet. If bad reviews existed, you would find them. Consistently, throughout every review, you find that clients are blown away with Kit's commitment, punctuality, attention to detail, and talent and ability when the event takes place.

5. In the face of any adversity, Kit will do whatever it takes to both get to your event, and make it perfect. He has often said that if he was on the freeway to an event and his car broke down for some reason, he would call a taxi, an Uber, or anything else to get to the event. If it meant he had to rent gear when he got to the town, he would do so. Even if all this meant he went in the red financially, the most important thing is the client is happy, and that there is not a single stain on his resume. 

6. So do your research, and go with your gut. Our reviews don't lie. If you want a perfect event, hire us. We do more than just weddings. Corporate events, private parties, memorials, funerals, you name it. Live piano and/or DJ services. Get a quote here.


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